We are an artisan family, bringing you closer to the woods with each piece we create.

The Wolves of the Wood began with me, Annie Arnette. I have been making a living through my handmade work for about a decade now. I wanted to make dolls and toys that brought children closer to nature, and provoked their imagination, so Wolves of the Wood was born. In 2018 however, I decided to write a book. One thing lead to another, and it became necessary to bring in backup! Ryan joined me as a book binder, so that I could bring my unique vision for a book to life. Most days, Ryan is a music director, so he's wearing two hats now! We love that through our work we are able to spend a lot of time with our children, teaching them how to make things and be good people. In our free time you can find us outside, finding wonder in everything that Mother Nature has to offer. It is our hope that we are slowly building a sustainable future for ourselves and our children, and we are loving every minute of it.

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