For 10 years now my family has enjoyed living in the wild state of Colorado.  We are hikers and nature lovers.  I delight in teaching my children about the wilderness and all of the creatures that inhabit it.  What do we do when we see a massive moose? An elk? A ram? A bear? A LION?? How do we respect the animal and stay safe? Despite my love for wolves, we don't have to talk about what to do if they see a wolf here, because they won't.  In 1945 we eradicated the wolf from Colorado and basically everywhere else... They might not be beloved by ranchers, but Mother Nature does not care what ranchers want, apex predators bring balance to every ecosystem. Today we have learned our lesson about fiddling with the natural balance of an ecosystem, and great work has been done bringing wolves back to other native habitats... but so far, not to Colorado.  When we're out in the woods here, it's easy to imagine what it used to be like, and perhaps we can make that dream a reality. To learn more or donate to the cause please check out the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project: