As I went for an evening walk awhile ago, the thought hit me that a pocket witch to guide you through your day would be an excellent addition to my line.  I could see her face in my mind's eye so clearly that I knew in that moment it was going to work out. I rushed home and the pattern was exactly as I wanted it in a few minutes.  The face took me longer to perfect, as I wanted it to project a certain feeling....  but overall, I've NEVER had an idea come to life so quickly.  I loved working with the hair and human form, but they are witches in every way.  I'm in love.  

Not to go all Jung on you either, but I think it is awfully synchronistic that I made the first doll's hair with some old wool I purchased 3 YEARS ago, because it really spoke to me.  I never used it, it just sat in storage all that time! I didn't know anything about that particular wool at the time, only that it was the most perfect wool I'd ever seen and it was meant for something special...  Well, after I made the first doll and fell in love with her, I decided this was going to be a thing, and I should order more wool.  It was then that I learned that not only was the farm I bought it from not selling wool anymore, but that the sheep it came from is an extremely rare breed and it would be hard to get.  Long story short, I went on a desperate hunt after that,  and discovered that only a handful of farms in the world produce it. Then the story gets awesome. One of those select few farms, is in the town I'm moving to in 6 weeks.  What are the chances? I can't wait to connect  with them. 

I hope you love my little witches.  The wolves do.  I do.  More to come in the future!