I just took a long "break," to focus on family during a big transition.  We moved from our giant garden with a huge studio for me, to a much bigger more affordable city an hour away.  Our new house is more accessible for my son with Angelman Syndrome, and has a nice shady back porch to hang out on.  He will have more opportunities here as well, but it's been a big adjustment. I'm not a city person, but this move is a great stepping stone to acheiving our long term goals. We found a place on the edge of town near hiking trails and I generally just pretend the rest of the city doesn't exist.  Another change is the loss of my work studio.  I am now reduced to a small cubboard I store my supplies in, so I'm limited to only producing what I can jam into that little closet.  I've been sewing outside on the porch too, which is super nice.  The wolves are all born outside, where they belong! I'm not working much at all yet though because my kiddos are out of school for the summer and it is anarchy around here!  I will be focusing on illustration this fall as I finish a big secret project, so stay tuned for that.

 Luckily since we live on the edge of town, I get to see things like these incredible beauties on my evening walks! 

Thanks for your patience!