So I wrote a book.  Not just any old book though........ I wrote a real book of witchcraft for children. "Children of the Wood: A Child's Book of Spells." I wrote it. I illustrated it.  I aged each page with my morning coffee, and then my husband bound it.  Every copy is different. Unique to the little witch or wizard who will own it.

 I knew it was a strange thing to do before I did it. I knew it might not sell, because the unknown is threatening, especially to adults..... but I spent a year on it anyway. Why? Wonder is a gift every child needs and deserves.  I believe in wonder, and I believe in kids. I don't think children are fragile, or that a book like this is too much for them.  This earth needs humans to love it again.  It needs us to believe in something outside of our own four walls... to trust in nature and all of its wild perfection. To see beyond ourselves.  I hope that my book helps children do just that.  My childhood was spent in the woods chasing fairies and making potions, so in a way, I wrote this book for my childhood self! Believing in magic prepared me to come up with creative solutions for every challenge as I grew up.  It empowered me to be responsible for my own words and actions.  It made me resilient in times of stress. 

What do I believe now? My religious and spiritual practices are until this book, a very personal and closely guarded topic, and I think that mostly, I will continue to keep it that way... I don't have the words to explain it, even if I wanted to.  I believe in magic, though it certainly is not the kind you'll find at the movies, and I don't necessarily call it that.  Just to be difficult about it.  I believe in the exquisite complexity of how organisms and the systems they exist in function together... in ways we can and cannot perceive.  Interdependence and synchronicity.  Does that explain it well enough? Hah.  I'm sure it does.

 I've never put this much of myself out there into the world.  I am a bonafide recluse!  I don't know what will happen now that this book is done, but I hope it is well received and that it helps a few children take to the woods, and reclaim their wonder!